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Who We Are

ALTIOR is a simulation of the United Nations that differs from the actual organizations.

ALTIOR seeks to engage MUN enthusiasts from around the world in the collaborative process of problem-solving through discussion and debate on pressing global issues.

Our Values

Our Vision Statement

ALTIOR aims to develope skills in youth to solve issues and manage negotiations. To voice an opinion of Youth across the world to be considered in UN as a viewpoint.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to develope universally accepted drafts of proposals for existing global issues. To foresee the issues that might arise out of such proposals and devise measures to solve them. To educate people about the working process of United Nations.

The people who are in organizing team


Rishi Singh

Divyanshi Chauhan

Kashish Gumber

Sanket Shah

Kanishka Gupta

Preksha Bothara

Pushkar Anand Ghodke

Anushka Mittal

Preksha Saraf

Adia Maheswari

Shivangi Sushma

Arko Aditya Baksi


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+91 90589 23662
+91 79995 86196

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15, 16 Jan. 2021
10:00 to 17:00 IST

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